the priceless journey home to the heart…(part #17)

In the fall of 1965, my elementary school was an early adopter of integration. Two brave souls walked into our “lily white “school on a bright Monday morning in August and forever changed our lives with their courage.

A few years ago I put together a little slide show about our collective journey into oneness during these trying times called, “Integrating Truth”.  This slide show is a tribute celebrating our CHOICE of union over separation.

– It reminds us of the courage that it still takes to overcome our old faulty beliefs.

– It is a reminder that innocence can win over old “generational beliefs and learned patterns”.

– It is a conscious choice that we agreed to participate in that allowed us to see life as compartmentalized and thereby judged…(one part better than another depending on our early influence.)  This separation of the “Grand Color Wheel” has for years has made us see only in shades not landscapes.

–  Today, we were all being led to remember that we are all merely aspects of a beautifully blended wheel of light.  No color… (until separated either by a prism, or by our own mental prison).  We alone choose to separate the light into octaves and separated frequencies.

We stepped forward during the 1960’s to let our forefathers know that the world we inherited was about to change.  This was our first step on a journey to allowed us to claim the title,  “the new defenders of truth and integrity”.

God bless you Stanley James and Regena Nixon. Your courage to walk into your own greatest fears showed all 652 kids at St. Andrews Elementary school the light of a new day!  Here is the link to my slide show if you would like to see my unique perspective on the history of integration.

What is the lesson of Integration?  We are all here to integrate OURSELVES now and then the way we see outside of ourselves.  The wall that separates our Heart from our Mind is just one old faulty thought away!  Integration was never really about color.  It was about making our highest choice with integrity…it is about integrating our heart and mind to overcome fears that block us from unconditional love once and for all.

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