the priceless journey home to the heart…(part #19)

The “Reverence for Life Pill”

As a child, I remember being so excited anytime I got a chance to earn a “sweet treat”. I would save my allowance of 50 cents a week for doing good deeds to run to the store to buy myself a pack of M&Ms and would savor each delicious color.

There was something special about turning good deeds into a simple pleasure back then and wanting to do more good deeds to know that at the end of each deed, a rainbow of delight awaited me!

Apparently, the world’s sweet tooth has continued to grow since my first taste of this rewarding tiny morsel of accomplishment.  Today there are over 184,632,315,985,654 various candies in the world, but the number one seller globally is M&Ms.

It is now estimated number of M&Ms sold each DAY in the United States alone is over two hundred million!

That got me to thinking.

In the US, over 3,649,468,866 retail prescriptions are filled each year and growing!  We are filling ourselves with junk that could be solved by offering our heart the joy of taking just one childhood treat a day.

What if for just one year, we suspended belief in our minds and knew without any doubt that just one M&M a day could cure all of our unhappiness, depression, diseases and maladies?

What if we set our intentions that one M&M a day could do what no other pill could do?

What if we told ourselves that each color of our daily dosage of one M&M a day could give us the effect of finding Joy, Reverence for Life and a connection for seeing ourselves and all of life as truly sacred?

If the world all took just one M&M a day with the intended affect of seeing life through our childlike joy and playfulness again, then we could truly heal the world.

I recommend that you all go do one good, heartfelt deed a day.  Make a difference in your own life first and then see your good move into the world.

With this new “reverence for life” tasty treat we might let go of:

–          Greed (sharing candy is always a nice thing to do)

–          Sadness (its hard to be sad during one moment of simple joy and if you can build on one moment of simple joy, you might have the courage to see life differently and smile again)

–          Disrespect (when you respect yourself enough to do a good deed in order to see a smile appear on the face of another, you build respect for all of life)

–          Distrust (by doing good deeds you learn to trust your own heart’s guidance and find yourself trusting the highest good for all concerned)

–          Pollution of the mind and the planet (if we knew that our negative thoughts and greed is killing our planet which offers us the trees and natural resources that lovingly offers us the ingredients to make our M&M’s, then we might show more reverence for our Mother Earth who feeds and nourishes us!)

These are just a few benefits of eating one M&M per day.  Now don’t think that eating the whole bag will heal you instantly!  This is a “grow as you go” pill.  It must be honored with no quick fix solutions!  The solution is inside of you.

So go out and do a good deed today with nothing expected in return.  When no one else is looking, pop your new pill box and treat yourself in the privacy of your own space to a small taste of the sweetness of life.  You just might see your health care bills go down, your children start to connect with your playful side that they had long forgotten and the planet start to love you back.

The “Reverence for Life Pill” just may save us all from our own bitterness!

Here’s to your sweetness returning my friend,

Love your Divine Heart Specialist™,


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