the priceless journey home to the heart…(part #20 for the kid in us)

Several years ago, my brother-in-law passed away at a very young age leaving behind two young beautiful daughters.  His youngest showed me pictures that all of her school mates had drawn her to tell them how sad they were for her loss. Those drawings touched something deep inside of me.  Their innocence, purity and honesty.  I invited those qualities in me to be restored to their fullest potential and I began writing stories from my heart for me.

Recently, I brought these stories back into my awareness and thought what a great gift it would be to have my words illustrated by my youngest niece, Kara (now 12).  Her raw talent for illustration is in a pure developmental stage and their is an honesty and richness in her drawings.  I asked her to read my stories and partner on writing about things that parents and children could enjoy together with the proceeds going to support a cause of Kara’s chosing.

Here are the initial works that we plan to publish.


I went outside the other day
To find some kids with whom to play
They all were busy…no time for me
So I sat down beneath a tree

And as I sat in cool, tall grass
I saw a blue bird fly right past
She saw me sitting by her tree
And swirled around to visit me

She perched up high at first to see
What brought me underneath her tree?
And then she did the darndest thing
She took a breath and said my NAME!

“Why do you sit her little one?
You should be playing, havin’ fun!”
“I know,” I said, “my friends are gone
And now I sit here all alone!”

“You don’t need kids to have your fun
The world’s alive, we all are one!
How can we cheer you my sweet child?
I have some friends to make you smile!”

And then she sang a song so sweet
A twiddle first… and then a tweet
And soon they came, each one by one
I got to see the turtles run!

And then three June bugs did appear
A rabbit, frog, a worm and deer!
And as she sang they each would come
To sit beside me one by one

And then she flew down next to me
To tell a story, naturally!
She told me how it came to pass
That they all gathered in the grass

“You see”, she said, “We all have friends!
With some we eat and some we blend
We each have roles in nature’s path
My job’s to sing, your jobs to laugh!

‘Cause laugher is the sweetest sound
It picks you up when you are down.
It let’s you know you’re YOUR best friend
So smile some more, or at least grin!”

“We’ve all learned here we can rely
On one another, and that’s no lie.
If people knew what we know here
They’d be much nicer and sincere!”

“The June bugs fly around the muck
And when he’s hungry, they find the duck
We know our roles, its nature’s way
We each surrender every day.”

“The turtles swim, the turtles sink
They find big logs on which to think.
They share with us the things they know
It’s how we learn, its how we grow!”

“The worm’s my friend, he’s not afraid
He tills the soil, he is so brave
And when I’m hungry, no food around
He wiggles underneath the ground.”

“He let’s me know that he is there,
He feeds me and I know he cares
We each support in different ways
The frog will sing, the deer will graze.”

“It’s why I sing, it’s my sweet voice
That cheers the world, and that’s my choice
We each make choices all life long
Your job is now to find your song!”

“And sing it loud and sing it long
You voice and laughter makes your strong!
So when you’re lonely, know we’re here
To bring you joy and share our cheer.”

“You don’t need anything but YOU!
Go find the song inside of you.
And we’ll be here your whole life long
To help you play and sing your song!

And then they left me all alone
I thought a while and started home
I knew right then, I didn’t guess
The bluebird taught me HAPPINESS!”

Copyright © 2010 Hal Price at Empowered Living

Illustrations by Kara Daniel

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