Miracles by Design: Removing Limiting Thoughts

In June of 1958 at the age of 3, I went “fishing” with my parents. They never had time together as they both worked two jobs to make ends meet.

It was one of the best days of my life! Time alone on a private pond with my parents who I rarely saw.

While fishing that morning, apparently my throwing rocks in the water somehow disturbed the fishes appetite, so my Dad decided to move “up stream” of me!

He left my Mom and me on the steep dam portion of the pond while he went to the other side for his vacation away from me!

While Mom continued to fish and talk to me, I played around her….and then in one instant, my whole life changed.

I tripped while playing and fell into 20 feet of water fully clothed. My Mom panicked because she could not swim and my Dad was just in earshot.

My Dad told Mom to jump in knowing that he would get to her.

In what seemed like a lifetime, I remained under water while I fearfully awaited my fate.
Mom did get me and Dad did get Mom that day, but they had to pump water from my lungs to revive me.

My reason for telling this story is that in what my have been less than 2 minutes of time, I formed 10 limiting thoughts in those brief minutes that I have been untangling for most of my adult life. Here they are:

1. If the woman who gave me life will not save me in my time of need, how will I ever trust any woman in my life?

2. When I play, I die…so it is only safe for me to avoid playing and work hard every day to stay alive.

3. I MUST CONTROL everything in my life, or I die!

4. Women are weak and must rely on men to do take care of things

5. I was unworthy of SAVING!

6. My FATHER does not hear my prayers or calls for help when I need him most

7. My FATHER has deserted me and does not care about me (Heavenly Father- Faith Issue)

8. When I breathe in too deeply, I die. (Breathe shallow and don’t take in Holy Breath)

9. I get in the way of my parents happiness

10. I cause bad things to happen when my Mom and Dad are together (I am better off alone)

Can you see how these thoughts of an innocent 3-year-old could child could create subconscious challenges to relationships with women, enjoying life, developing faith, letting go and relaxing (versus controlling), confusion about gender strength, work-a-holism, being anxious when I spend time alone with my parents, etc?

It took me 45 years to identify the core of these issues for myself. These subliminal and terrifying thoughts got all “clustered up” and neurologically wired inside me that day.

Although I continued to search for loving, trusting relationships in my life, these thoughts told me I could not TRUST MYSELF or my partner to ever love me enough to count on when things got bad.


In 2007, I had the honor of doing some deep and powerful work with a loving and brilliant Master Teacher named Jan Adams of Sylva, NC.

Jan worked diligently with me over a period of time to help me identify each of these faulty thoughts. She was able to isolate them, and then showed me how to forgive, replace and heal them.

Through 20 years of study, practice and working to heal her own emotional wounds, Jan created a simple technology designed to allow individuals to look inside themselves to find their own answers to their blocks.

The dynamic system created by Jan is called, “The Philosopher’s Stone

Jan has graciously agreed to be my very first guest on my BlogTalkRadio show this coming Wednesday, August 11 from 7 pm until 8:30 pm (EST).

It will be a show that allows us to journey deep inside our subconscious mind to learn how specific moments of extreme discomfort get wired into simple events and memories to create issues for us in our lives.

Please invite your friends to listen to this fascinating discussion with one of the great healers of the heart and mind, Jan Adams!



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