the priceless journey home to the heart… (part 23)


I brought this powerful love with me

It started pure and fair,

I felt in the world each day

It was beyond compare!

And as I grew, I closed it in

To keep it from all harm,

My mind would judge how much to share

My love became disarmed.

I gave it out so sparingly

Intended to protect,

The memory of its power

Receded with neglect

And when I was much older

My heart I gave away,

I placed it in the loving care

Of one who could not stay.

It took me years to understand

My love is mine alone.

It starts with me and sets me free

It’s my eternal home.

We make the search for love here

An epic soulful quest

But as we grow, we each soon know

The secret’s in our chest.

Our heart was never seeking

Our mind took us outside

The heart just waits for us to hear

It’s whispers to confide.

“Where have you been, my long lost friend?

You’ve been away so long!”

“The love you seek is for yourself

For years you had it wrong!”

“Why do you search outside yourself?

This passion and this thirst.

You cannot give what you don’t have

You must know YOUR LOVE first!”

“Your love must fail…. to show you

The work that you must do.

The ones you love are teachers

You called them each to you!”

“They promised they would teach you

The love you must not hide,

True love will last, the grade to pass

Is buried deep inside!”

“The chemistry of which you seek

You cannot engineer.

It is commitment to yourSELF

To hold yourSELF so dear!”

“Your search will end my sweet dear friend

When you know you ARE LOVE.

Please hold me gently every day.

Its you I’m thinking of!”

Your journey was a short one

The lessons with it grand,

From Head to Heart, no more apart

You’re unified young man!”

And then I said a blessing

My hands both pressed to heart

I’m home again, I AM my friend

We never more shall part!

© Hal Price, Divine Heart Specialist 2010

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