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how did i get here? and where was i going?

(Along the Way I Remembered my Heart)

Life has a funny way of taking you places that you could have never mapped out in a million years, but you are deliciously taken exactly where you needed to be at precisely the right time to meet the right people and learn the right skills.

As a child I wanted to be President.  I watched John F. Kennedy inspire a nation and change the way that we connected to the world with the Peace Corps, going to the moon 2nd Gradeand uniting the globe by our actions.  I realize now that I really didn’t want to be President…I just wanted to tap into that Power of Purpose that could ignite passion and inspire me and those around me.

I have done and learned so much these past 54 years.  I have learned about the power of kindness, the depth of our hearts, the capacity to endure more than we ever thought we had the courage to face and about the magic of the heart.

I have revealed precious gifts that were buried deep inside me and “dumped at lot of my junk” at the doorstep of others whom I cared deeply for.

I have done every line of work in marketing you can experience with agencies, corporations, and my own companies. But today I see all of my gifts being packaged together by Spirit to take me home to my first moment of excitement….taking myself to the moon while serving others.

Empowered Living is not just the name of my company…it is the promise that we each have inside of us to be our AUTHENTIC SELVES.  Our journey here is to move beyond our comfort zone in this lifetime and challenge our fears of revealing our GLORY!   It is what we came to do and how we were meant to live…we just fell asleep and became the “living dead!” WhEmpowered Logoy do we do this?  Because sometimes it is just easier to be miserable than to face the unknown world of discovering out true heart.  We have been too busy living lives that support an EGO system that feeds on our needs and desires versus our surrendered faith that everything we need is just one consistent and loving thought away!  You want a miracle in your life?  Change just ONE old thought that doesn’t serve you and allow your new awareness to invite what has been waiting to be revealed from your heart to come forth now!

I have created the living dream from my childhood now…  as I am The President with the full powers to change the world….starting with me.   When I change my thoughts, I invite newness to surround me and I begin to see a changed world!

May you all be “elected” to serve the powerful love that “votes with each thought” coming forth from your heart and mind to create your experience and beautiful lessons that will make up the fabric of your own lives.


After building a highly successful 20 year career as a sports marketing executive with corporations like Miller Brewing Company and The Coca-Cola Company, I had the honor of starting my own marketing management company in 1996.

My first client was an “up-and-coming” 24-year-old Hal and Jeff GordonNASCAR driver named, Jeff Gordon.  I had originally signed Jeff to a one-year contract at Coca-Cola when I ran the Sports Department.

Jeff and I had hit it off during his 1995 season, and he asked me to make the move away from Coke to help put him in the national limelight.  My vision was to make him the new face and “Poster Boy” for NASCAR before they began their national expansion plan.

My “out-of -the-box” branding efforts for Jeff attracted numerous young NASCAR drivers who were looking to build their own name and image.  They each needed assistance in securing top endorsers and in building their fan base. One such driver who was drawn to me was a young 18-year-old kid who was later to become the first and only fourth generation athlete in America.

Adam Kyler Petty was the great-grandson of NASCAR legend4 Generations Lee Petty, the grandson of NASCAR’s “King”, Richard Petty, and the oldest son of Kyle Petty.  Because I had signed Kyle to our Mello Yello Racing program back in 1992 at Coke during the “Days of Thunder” movie campaign, he had asked me if I would ever consider working with his then 12-year-old son, Adam one day. Eventually I did, and it without-a-doubt, the time of my life (until mid-2000).

My unexpected transformation from a sports marketer to a “passionate spiritual marketer” began on May 12, 2000, when my dear friend Adam was tragically killed in an accident at turn four at Loudon, NH.

Miraculously, between March and November of 2000, Spirit invited me to explore the “Dark Night of My Soul” by dismantling the “perceived successful life” that I once knew including my 21 year marriage, my growing and respected business, my personal health and the death of two very close friends.

After coming inside myself and asking the difficult questions of God including, “Why Me?”, “What am I doing Wrong”,”Why is this Happening?”, and “What is my True Purpose Here?”, I begin an intense period of REMEMBERING.  It is so very true that if you “ask, the door will be opened to you and seek and you will find!”  Spirit was just waiting to get me “disconnected from my EGO’s life” to “hook me up” to my true Self!

My rediscovery took me on a powerful journey deep inside my heart to allow me to remember my soul’s purpose, my Divine Mission here and to begin pursuing it with PASSION.

I am now privileged to serve as a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, a Professor of Spiritual Counseling at Akasha University, an Interfaith Minister, and workshop teacher/lecturer on the Path to Empowerment and Enlightenment.

I am now inspired to write and serve as a conduit to share “Spirit’s insights and Wisdom” about life each day now and I am passionate about guiding true “seekers of the Spirit” back to their own place of Empowered Self -Discovery.

Thank you for inviting yourSELF to this page to continue your destined AWAKENING.

We are here to remember that we are each Divine and Magnificent Expressions of Love as an extension of LIFE.  We have unlimited creativity and capacity to manifest a life of love and joy from our hearts.

I hope to help you remember this brilliance!


Hal Price

Divine Heart Specialist™ and Spiritual Empowerment Coach


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