certified training

Over the past seven years, I have had the honor to connect with many great teachers who have offered me great insight, tools and processes to allow me to dig into my soul to uncover the TRUE ME.

I am now finalizing a new seven-step process that combines all of this current and ancient wisdom into one program to offer Coaches and Individuals the opportunity to reclaim their AUTHENTICITY and walk their path of EMPOWERMENT and HIGHER AWARENESS.

My strong desire is to train TEACHERS and LIFE COACHES how to create effective and lasting change in the lives of people they are supporting!


My goal is to share as much wisdom that I have walked in and become “my own best example” of applying what has worked (and what either needed refinement, or being cast aside). 

My expressed desire is to offer you teachings, practices, and tools to allow you (and the people you support or coach) to walk in your full power!  My goal is to share from my heart how you can live consciously, think consciously, speak consciously and CREATE CONSCIOUSLY. 

This proven process will deliver the following outcome.  You will now:

1) Understand your unique Purpose, have keen awareness and insight into yourself to help you master your lessons, overcome your fears, release your “Spiritual glitches”, pay your “Karmic Debts” and replace your self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and words with new loving and nurturing AFFIRMATIONS / CONFIRMATIONS.

2) You will learn the not only the importance of your words, but you will also learn the power of “heartfelt, visualized, emotional prayer” to manifest miracles in your life.  Learn the 11 Domains of Self-Sabotaging Language that Separate us from manifesting our desires and learn to speak and honor your personal truth in your heart and via your words

3)  Upon examining and removing key limiting beliefs, you will be taught how to identify your true heart’s passion and reveal the incredible gifts that you have forgotten.  These gifts and this passion have been waiting to be “called into service” by the Universe to support your Joy!  

4)  You will be given instruction and practice in both Conscious Language and The Law of Attraction to allow you to speak your new life into existence and create your new life of “Passionate and Intended Purpose”.

5)  Now that you have a “purposeful direction”, we will then teach you how to “Script” your new life, Storyboard your dreams, then Mindmap or MindMovie your desired outcome.  You will then be offered the latest tools and techniques to support and expedite your transformational growth. Here you will also learn how to allow your Passion and Joy to “hire opportunities” to employ your passionate talents as they now align with your heart’s desires.  Learn the importance of going “40 days into the desert” with this new change and the power of journaling each little success daily, give gratitude each night before retiring for bed, writing down each of your dreams at night, etc) 

6)  You will be given meditational methods, audio and downloads to allow you to visualize your new life and practice Co-Creating your new “moment-to-moment reality” from a position of your HIGHEST CHOICE.

7)  Ultimately, as a newly EMPOWERED “STUDENT OF YOUR OWN LIFE”, you now create your new life of Joy, Abundance, Perpetual Wellness and Balance.

Stay tuned for more details!