your empowered coaching

In February of 2003, Hal began the ultimate search to connect to his Life’s Divine Purpose.

His journey took him on a magical path to discover his Heart’s Virtue, his limiting thoughts that were blocking his ability to manifest from his heart’s wisdom and several other ancient truths that would lead him to his Divine Purpose.

In 2008, Hal took this deeper wisdom of his heart and began applying it to his life to create a new life of honoring and living his truth. Over the past two years, Hal has created a new dynamic system that allows others to discover their own truth.

Hal now offers you the opportunity to explore the depths of your own Divine Purpose to connect with your passion in a three part series of discovery:

1. Divine Quest, Soul Urge and Spiritual insight into your true purpose here

2. Revealing your Heart’s Wisdom and Divine Virtue that leads you to the integrity of our soul and heart’s wisdom

3. Private reading and counseling to reveal your Life Path, Destiny, Natural Gifts and Calling, Karmic Lessons and Challenges you asked to overcome to move into your true power

4. Exploration, identification and release of subconscious blocks to your brilliance

5. Creation of a powerful new Life Plan that connects you to your power and passion

6. On-going support with a “GRAND NEW LIFE PLAN” that is self guiding to your true life

7. Inspirational follow-up and proven tools designed to keep you on your path

Below are just a few of the proprietary forms that Hal has developed over the years to help guide his search for his Authentic Self!

To learn more about how to begin your own journey to your Divine and Passionate Life, click on the red APPOINTMENT application on the right of this post to learn more about his services and to schedule a private session with Hal. For more detail about his services, feel free to call Hal at 678.575.4688.

Remember, you did not come here to lead an ordinary life!