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Recently I read a brilliant article by Steve Rother.  Steve and his wife Barbara created www.lightworker.com in 1997 to share their wisdom and insight as spiritual partners.  After reading Steve’s message and his channeled information from “the group”, I was inspired to take this information into my own heart and add my own thoughts and insights to it. Below is a blended message inspired by Steve along with my own supporting thoughts and inspired insight from the universe.

I invite you to go to www.lightworker.com to see their powerful work on Empowering the Human Soul!

First Things First: The Magnetics of You and Our Loving Planet

This day there is magic all around us. In fact, it could be called ‘magnetic,’ magic, for you are creating magic with every breath you take by breathing into a body that lets your spirit shine through.  This day we wish to give you some ideas of the larger picture that will be helpful for you in the years and even the days ahead. On many levels, humans are changing globally. Today you will be given some ideas of those things you can let go of and what you can start reaching for.

The idea is for you to stand in your full power EMPOWERMENT.

It is time for your to stand in your magnificence while you are still in a physical body. Today I will share with you where you are going to tell you how you fit in with this little tiny place called Earth. It is time to share a little about how it works, because some of those things are also starting to change.
Four Very Important Items for a Soul’s Journey

Many of you will feel these changes in your physical being, but first you will feel it in your emotional being and that has already begun. Many people are starting to feel strange, odd emotions and do not know where they are coming from. It is not about male or female imbalances; it is not about love or fear perceptions. These are simply different emotions that you are unfamiliar with and have no label for. Allow me to show you what is taking place, so you can help to hold the door open for those who are following behind you.

First, let’s speak of the birth process. There are four important items that a soul considers when it prepares to enter the “game” of human life for an incarnation:

1. One of these is the given name that it will take on during its life. It is a vibration that our soul will live under everyday and this name has a powerful vibrational effect on their entire journey. The soul spends a lot of energy prior to birth trying very hard to place this chosen name in their parents’ thoughts. Sometimes the parents listen, and other times they name them after a movie star.

The reality is that you are in full control and you can change your name. You begin to align your higher energies and new lessons when you create nicknames or take on a new name (like getting married). This change allows you to begin to choose your own reality.

2. The second important time is the instant the soul crosses the veil of the higher dimensions onto this plane. The reason is this…the moment you are born, you cross from infinity to finite-ness.

So, what happens when a soul crosses the veil is that it picks up magnetic imprints which it will carry during the entire time it is in a physical body. You do not think of yourselves as magnetic, for you are not metallic, but you are magnetic! You are magnetic in much bigger ways than you ever learned to measure. It is not measurable in Gauss; the entire magnetic spectrum is much greater than currently known. Very subtle magnetic fields lay beneath the surface magnetism of everything on planet Earth.

These grids are a different wavelength than you have yet to measure, and they are the way in which you interact with the world around you. We have labeled this the Universal Energy but it has many names on Earth. It is the base energy that exists when all ambient electromagnetic frequencies are removed from a vacuum. Many of these will surface in the next seven to ten years.

As you cross the veil and become finite, you receive a “magnetic imprint” that stays with you for your entire life. It gives you certain attributes, or strengths and weaknesses as you often refer to them. You choose that imprint very carefully because it plays perfectly into your life lesson and purpose. When anyone does an astrological or numerological reading or anything that is based on the moment you were born, they are actually reading your magnetic imprints with your personality “overtones”.

3. So now you have your name, the time and place where you were born, and the third item is the birth order within your family. This is a very important piece, as it plays into the family constellations and dynamics as the soul grows in the most formative years. The only child, eldest, youngest, middle, surprise, twins, and more are all possibilities.

4. The fourth important item is the moment when the body succumbs and the soul from that precious temple departs this plane. Since the soul carries the magnetic imprints during the life it just experienced, it is helpful to leave these imprints behind in the astral plane when the soul crosses over on its return Home.

This can be easily done at specific windows (called your selective “outs”). These outs are certain times that you set up prior to birth when you can choose to leave the body. When those windows of time come along, the soul has an opportunity to re-turn Home. Yet since the soul is on the planet of free choice it may choose, in unison with all eleven dimensions, to stay.

If the choice is made to stay, the human experiences what we call a Phantom Death. In that instant the soul goes through a dark night and emerges re-born with a focused direction.

Our Magnetic Universe: Harmonic Magnetism

The purpose of addressing these four items of our personal “magnetism” is to show you the importance that magnetism plays in your entire life. Of the four important items, two are about magnetism.

We are each living as magnetic beings; although we are not metallic in nature, we are actually beautiful currents of “electrical light”. Any time an electrical current flows, there co-exists a matching magnetic field.

In fact, they are one and the same. We are all magnetic, chemical beings. When we have a thought, a chemical is produced that helps this electrical charge travel quickly through parts of our brain…this is how we function. Every time we have a thought, we change our chemistry and therefore our magnetic field ever so slightly. That subtle and as of yet immeasurable magnetic field that each of us have is directly connected to the Universal Energy upon which the Universe sits. Every time we have a thought, we send a magnetic imprint out into the Universe. Activation of the pineal gland greatly amplifies this connection and all thoughts flowing through it.

The time lag which was used as a safeguard from random and potentially harmful thoughts is rapidly diminishing now. The magnetic Universe changes and shifts slightly when we have a thought, and it always returns our request with the same answer: “You have asked, and so it is dear Creator.”

In this way the Universe serve as a mirror which reflects back our personal harmonic magnetic patterns of thought. That is how we manifest everything (including the Universe that we experience which delivers our every command).

It can be said that this is done through harmonic magnetism. Harmonics reflect energy back in different patterns, and this is why most of the time creations sent out come back giving you what you wanted but usually in a slightly different way.

Many humans are asking for things, saying they want more of this or that. We need to understand that asking for anything at all is actually a statement of lack to the Universe? Be aware that when you ask for anything, you are in that moment expressing that you are indeed limited. You are expressing lack. So, what is the opposite of that? It is to find things to be grateful for.

More importantly, for all of those things you want to reveal in your life… give thanks and hold in your heart…knowing that you already have them.

Move things forward on the timeline and they will work. Now, here is where you need to understand where this fits in even more than ever before. Because you are magnetic beings, you are creating and interacting with each other magnetically as well. This is what is happening when you see sparks fly between two people.

It is magnetism that actually creates these connections; it is what you consider sparks and human magnetism that pulls people together. But it is much more than that. Not only does it magically pull lovers together, it also magically creates the space for contracts to be fulfilled and pulls Spiritual Families together.

In fact, that is exactly how this message has magnetically reached you in its own perfect timing. You have a magnetic connection to the Earth and all things connected to her. You are offering this information to yourSELF on a much deeper level than simply what you can see or hear, and it is accomplished through that connection. The magnetic connection gives you the ability to play on an even playing field. Thus far its use has been mostly unconscious or at least semi-conscious, but it is one of your greatest assets and the base of your abilities of creation.

Magnetics in Motion

Many of you are aware that the magnetic fields of Planet Earth are in constant motion. It is very fortunate that years ago we discovered much of the technology that we use today for navigation, which no longer relies on Earth’s magnetic fields. We have learned to bounce radio waves off satellites and triangulate our fixed positions; we call it GPS. The reality is that we have now learned how to do things in a different way. Once again humanity has adapted at the perfect time as the magnetics of our planet Earth are about to go through a major shift.

Pregnant Earth: Loosing Her Pull and Hold on us

You need to understand that the Earth is going through her own personal shift simultaneously and concurrently with our own. She is about to give birth to something new, and just prior to that birth, there will be a lot of dramatic changes that will occur within OUR MOTHER.

Her labor pains are just now being sensed in “shocking vibrations” throughout the world (seen as earthquakes and planetary changes).

Women who have given birth already understand that major energetic, emotional, chemical and physical changes drastically occur within their bodies in order to house this beautiful miracle called birth. Only 100 years ago, there was 10% more magnetism on this planet than there is now. The Earth’s gravitational and magnetic field has been slowly reducing over a period of time and drastically over the last 100 years; 10% of the magnetism that was pulling you is no longer there.

This change in the Earth has greatly aided in the human enlightenment process more than we can even comprehend. We have been “flooded with LIGHT” since the mid 60’s allowing us to receive more wisdom and information. We have been bathed in the LIGHT of compassion and drawn to WAKE UP. This bath of LIGHT has created ideal conditions for in-light-enment.

Mother Earth is a vital part of each of us. She reacts to the Universal Energy field of the collective of humanity. This is the reason that so many people all over the planet are starting to wake up and say, “This was a wonderful game, but now what is the next step?”

Humanity is starting to ask bigger, more important questions and this began the next evolutionary step of humanity. People are just starting to accept truths and beginning to see more new possibilities than they ever have before, partly because they are not limited by the magnetism that held them firmly grounded up to this point.

Even though humans resist letting go of polarization…those magnetic fields are also reducing.  This is also the reason that the Universal Energy supports blending now and resists separation.

We are all experiencing a dramatic transformation in our physical being as we prepare to emerge from our 25,625 year cocoon during the period the Mayans called, “the end of time”.

It is not the end; it is a dramatic new beginning!

Just like us and our planet, the Universe and our Souls have a destined evolution. That time is now.

We have spent years as activists to tear down the walls of injustice, control, prejudice, and apartheid.
Separatists and those ideals may leave barking loudly with a banner of fear, but leave they will. These resulted from the heavy field of duality that was caused by the strong gravitational magnetic pull of earth. It is time to EMPOWER all humans everywhere.

We have created Civil Rights, Human Rights, torn down walls in Berlin, opened hearts in South Africa, removed oppressive governments that limit human freedoms and equalities…the last wall of freedom now lives within our minds. It is time for us to unify our hearts, know we are ONE and with one voice and one heart….rally to BE THE TIPPING POINT of Love over fear.

The Earth has been freeing us slowly to evolve.

She is releasing the chains of old magnetic thoughts that hold us in fear and thoughts of separation.  She is birthing a new freedom for us all in the ultimate release. FREE WILL TO CHOOSE LOVE.  The chains are loosened now. There is new and powerful LIGHT energy available to us all.

At this point it may be helpful to know that the strength does not lie in numbers of mankind, but rather in the number of unions of mankind.

This will be on all levels, personal and collective. For instance, the governments of Earth have only grown strong when they blended with others. This has occurred in the lower vibrations of humanity by overtaking them with force, and later as the collective vibration rose through agreements and unions. We have learned that when we restrict or stop that blending action, even the strongest economies will falter.

Those of us who consciously choose to take it upon yourselves to form new and powerful unions and connections with like-minded people for personal growth will make great advances in this evolution. It is why we created brilliant social community devices like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and the like. We had an unconscious pull to unite!  These sites allow us to choose our friends of “like-mindedness” and support one another in our daily lives.

In January of 1996, then First Lady, Hillary Clinton hit upon an idea that became a rallying cry to support children of the world in “It takes a Village”. As we now fast forward 15 years we are beginning to personify a new mantra…”it takes a socially conscious community to change the world!”

The formation of Personal Empowerment Groups is just around the corner. We have birthed Life Coaches to guide us home, created Empowerment movies like “Avatar”, “UP”, “Crazy Heart” and “BLIND SIDE” to touch the magic that lives in our hearts.

We have been planting in highly fertile soil these past 15 years! It is now time to harvest!

The Polar Shift: The Mayan Foretold “End of Time”

The magnetic fields of planet Earth have been shifting over a very long period of time, and during the last ten years they have moved even more quickly.

Approximately once every 500,000 years the magnetics completely change from north to south. This has happened five other times throughout the history of planet Earth. It is what the Mayans refer to as the Five Worlds. We are coming to the end of the 5th Mayan World on December 21, 2012.

The signs of a pole shift are very simple yet specific. There is a weakening of the magnetic field of planet Earth that precedes each pole shift. Readings from the layers of Earth show a substantial weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field just prior to a polar shift. This has been in preparation, for this was to be the end of planet Earth. Earth is far overdue for a pole shift and all the signs are now appearing.

The Earth is rapidly decreasing magnetically and gravitationally. However, we will NOT experience a pole shift because at this stage humanity no longer needs the strong pull back into density and heavy gravitational magnetic fields to evolve. In place of a rapid shift there will be a slower and much more gradual leveling off, along with a slight return of some of Earth’s magnetism.
Earth’s full magnetic fields will return over time, but humanity will have evolved and the physical bodies will easily be able to transform these fields to create enlightened and empowered societies.

This has been heralded as the greatest of advancements throughout the Universe. Many adjustments are needed and that is beginning now. During the time when the least amount of magnetism is on the planet, we now have the greatest opportunities for individual growth in all areas. Consider it a launching ramp of the new humanity. The bottom of the magnetic field is roughly the three years before and after the year 2012.

We are the ones who are now changing the destiny of the outcome for our planet and humanity. We have awakened just in time to say, “I am awakening from the dream that has long held me and I am taking back my power.” We had to wait for eons of time before the sparks of this empowerment started to show up, but here we are now igniting the seeds compassionate Empowerment in our hearts all over the planet.

Light Grounding

“the group” channeled information from www.lightworker.com reminds us what is going to take place, because it might help us as we near the bottom point.

“The Earth herself will experience anomalies with the overall energetics and magnetism of planet Earth. What will happen is that where you have always had steady magnetic fields you will now have fluctuating magnetic fields. This is part of what you are feeling. It is only a temporary situation and will probably last only a few years, but will mess up a lot of your electronics on planet Earth until you learn how to ground your equipment in a different way.

You will learn very quickly for all humans adapt. That is what you do really well. For even though the magnetism will increase on Earth, the density will not re-turn because once you know something you cannot consciously forget it. Once you are elevated from having this weak density and pull, you will never go back to density again. It is part of the human re-wire now underway as your physical bodies are changing to hold more Light.”

Watch the Sun

“The group” channeled guidance at www.lightworker.com also tells us to watch the sun as it plays out a new role. 

“Originally the sun was scheduled to shift its poles simultaneously with Earth’s. This would have given Earth the magnetic harmonic push needed to spin her poles and quickly shift completely to a new starting point. Without this cosmic assistance from the sun, the Earth’s shift could have taken too long and permanently disturbed its rotational patterns. This magnetic harmonizing action is how these shifts have been accomplished in earlier times. Now, even though the timeline has been pulled forward the poles will not shift on Earth.

The sun, which was scheduled to shift its own magnetic poles in late 2012, is still close to being on its original schedule.

Here is the sun’s new role: When the solar sun of Earth shifts magnetic poles this next time it will coincide with the lowest point of magnetism on Earth. This is a magical time to be a human. Dear ones, you have earned what is about to happen. A miracle is at hand.”

Channeled information from “the group” at www.lightworker.com gives us these words of encouragement”

“Dear Ones,

Enjoy this ride. Yes, of course there is going to be change. Yes, of course you are going to feel strange, odd emotions. You may find yourself acting like a three-year old for no particular reason and it is wonderful. All we ask is that you not judge yourselves. Know that it is happening to every person on the planet and that when you find yourself feeling emotional and afraid for no reason or having negative thoughts, it is simply these twisted magnetic fields that are not providing you with the comfortable base you had during the transition of this birth process. Stray negative thoughts create very little, but judging yourself for having them is very destructive.”

I see it as our loving mother planet hasbeen graciously preparing the way for the evolutionary birth of a New Human…it is us!

What is the mother birthing during this painful pregnancy?

She is not birthing a new and improved planet…she has actually in the process of turning her power over to us now. She knew that if she created the conditions for humans to use their FREE WILL to use their hearts to create, that she would evolve with us on our powerful journey together.

She is allowing us to determine HER DESTINY!

She has willingly worked with the Universe and our Sun to reduce her hold on us. She is like a loving parent who knows that her child has learned as much as she has to teach and now must allow her children to make their own choices.

She teaches us one final great lesson now that tells us by example that it is alright to surrender and JUST LET GO, ALLOW and ACCEPT GRACE’S FLOW.

In her release, she is birthing a new human. She has reducing her powers over us within her magnetic field in a different manner than ever before.

She is re-creating herself now to house the new humans, her new children who have found their Compassionate and Divine Hearts who remember now how to serve, love one another and create consciously.

So here you sit asking yourself what you can do. You have been here over and over and over all of these lifetimes trying to make your mark, trying to grow spiritually and help humans evolve.

Sometimes you have been incredibly frustrated living a life where you had information that you could not share with other people. Here you are now and they are starting to listen, and it is working.

It is all coming together the way you dreamed from the very beginning and now the magic is unfolding. You will see the energy of Home anchoring itself on Earth in a different form, because you are evolving during this process and your physical body is beginning the shift.

This will open the door to using the new human templates that are now on Earth.

Our wish is to create nothing more than a beautiful, human experience. We are ready to create Heaven on Earth!

Our lifetimes of marks and scars on our bodies have delivered us finally an EMPOWERED SOUL.

When we return HOME this next time, we will proudly wear our lifetime of lessons as proud badges of accomplished growth.
“The group” at www.lightworkers.com says it beautifully,

“Dear Ones,

We will greet you with open arms. You are our heroes. You are doing something that we have only dreamed could have been possible.

Here you are, acting it out every single day and we are so very proud of you. Even though we stop this message, we will never leave you.

We are always here and we are so very honored you give us this chance to connect so directly.

We ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a beautiful game and play well together.”

Special thanks to Steve Rother for his commitment to serving our highest potential and bringing the LIGHT to the forefront.  I say blessings to you all brave Spiritual Warriors and remember what the Mayans reminded us in their own indigenous wisdom”

“We are the ONES we have been waiting for!”