4 kids


As a “Soul’s Purpose” Life Coach, Hal understood at an early age that there is a “Divine Child” within us all which carries our unique gifts, passions and dreams.  We each came here with the full intention of realizing this dream in this lifetime…we just forgot what it was along the way.

Hal brings his gifts of writing, telling stories and making us laugh by way of this new series of “Fuzzy Tales” as told by a young bear named Eli and the members of his “lost family” to help us each AWAKEN to our passionate gifts in life.  The time of “hibernation” is over!

Hal’s style of storytelling has a rich and powerful throwback flavor as an old “Spinner of Great Southern Tales” with valuable lessons buried inside.

Hal enjoys sharing his heart-connecting stories designed to touch the reader and the listener in subtle but profound ways as they learn to laugh together and explore the mysteries of their lives.  These stories are intended to create lifelong bonding moments between children and their loving “readers”.  Hal’s stories blend poetry, facts, history, and emotions as he magically laces information about the power of our thoughts, words and beliefs to create our lives.

Hal builds a bridge by connecting four generations of a one bear’s family lineage to create rich stories, revived traditions, and adventures leading to valuable life lessons.  These ever-present “spirit bears” lovingly guide this small bear home.

Eli comes to remind us all that we each have a destined call to remember our unique “Divine Purpose” by following the wisdom our our hearts.

Begin your new own new family tradition of reading, laughing and loving with your kids with these simple and fun stories from “Eli Bear Behind”.

This magical journey is the purpose of our precious lives!