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I only offer products that I have tested and found to be successful to me in my personal development. The Dream Manifesto Program was recommended to me earlier in 2010 and I put the software and reading materials to use immediately and in less than 60 days, began to see a change in my creative powers. Please note that because of my success with this program, I asked to become an affiliate partner and will make a commission on your purchase. I believe in full disclosure and want you to know this up front. Likewise, if you order it at the discounted price via this site, you will also have the option to become an affiliate partner as well.

Other Affiliate Partnerships with products in which I trust are listed below: Hay House, Spiritual Cinema, GAIAM and As We Change. Enjoy!

Dream Manifesto program

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Additionally, two great new search engines that I really enjoy for their diversity, flexibility, consolidation and ease of use are Explodium and Leapfish.

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I have been personally using a powerful software program from Dream Manifesto since February of 2010 with incredible results.

I am honored to offer you this free 63-page personalized e-book on ‘The Principles of Successful Manifesting’ courtesy of and Dream Manifesto CEO, Thomas Herold.

To receive your copy, email Hal at and put the word Free E-Book in the subject line. I will e-mail these out to the first 111 requestors.



For more information on this highly successful Dream Manifesto program that I use in my practice, go to:Find Your Passion – Live Your Dreams!